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Anaheim City Hall HVAC Upgrade

Replace HVAC System at Anaheim City Hall
200 S. Anaheim Blvd., 2nd Floor Public Works, Anaheim, CA 92805
City of Anaheim Request for Bids # 9094

Project Scope:


Provided and implemented a turnkey solution to enhance the Anaheim Civic Center operations by optimizing and improving the HVAC system and controls in order to improve building performance, comfort and overall energy savings.

  • Renovated the penthouse central plant, disconnected from the parking structure central plant
  • Renovated air handler economizer system and controls
  • Energy efficient system and reduced maintenance and operations costs
  • Replaced existing refrigerant with environmentally friendly R-134A
  • Provided communication and control capabilities between the system and all equipment
  • Expanded capacity creating flexibility for any future facility needs
  • Two (2) year extended warranty and associated operational tasks

Project Requirements


  1. Removal, disposal and transport from site of two (2) existing 150-ton chillers from City Hall penthouse chiller plant. Included rigging off the two (2) chillers, demo of existing piping and disposal of existing units per EPA regulations.
  2. Removal of refrigerant from two (2) chillers per EPA and/or SCAQMD guidelines and removal from site.
  3. Removal, disposal, and transport from site of one (1) existing cooling tower from City Hall penthouse chiller plant. Included disconnecting existing piping, demo of existing structural pad and rigging off one (1) existing cooling tower.
  4. Removal, disposal, and transport from site existing condenser pumps, disconnect existing condenser pump piping and remove as necessary, rig off existing condenser pumps.
  5. Removal, disposal, and transportation from site chiller existing water pumps, disconnect existing chiller water pump piping and rig off existing water pumps.
  6. Demo of approximately 60 linear feet of existing chiller water piping. Isolate City Hall central plant from parking structure central plant by valving off and adding necessary devices to allow for continued operation from parking structure central plant.
  7.  Demo of existing variable frequency drive (VFD) servicing existing cooling tower.
  8. Demo of existing louvered damper panels, demo of existing pneumatic control motors, rig off air handler louvered dampers.

New Work

New Mechanical – Chiller Systems

  1. Provided and installed two (2) new 180-200 ton chillers, Trane Optimus, in City Hall Penthouse.
  2. Furnished and installed two (2) new condenser water pumps and two (2) new chilled water pumps, including isolation bases and all traditional pump trim.
  3. Provided all piping modifications needed to connect new chillers to the existing chilled water and condenser water piping in City Hall plant.
  4. Fabricated and installed new welded steel isolation base for cooling tower, springs to have seismic restraints, base was “hot dip” galvanized after fabrication.
  5. Furnished and installed one (1) new cooling tower with VFD controlled fans. Located at same location as old cooling tower.
  6. Installed cooling towers per factory guidelines, including make-up water with pressure regulator, drain/overflow piping to nearest floor sink, CWS&R piping with manual isolation valves, equalizer line with manual isolation valve.
  7. Replaced existing with new pressure gauges, thermometers, drains and vents.
  8. Provided painting and insulation of new piping.
  9. Furnished and installed ASHRAE 15 exhaust fan, ducting and Trane dual gas refrigerant monitor with attendant horn, strobe, controls and wiring to provide a functional system in accordance with engineered design for the plant.
  10. Re-connected new chiller and condenser water pumps to existing control system.
  11. Start-up and test new systems, balance to system flow requirements.

New Mechanical – Air Handler Systems

  1. Furnished and installed new air handlers outside air, mixed air and exhaust air damper systems.
  2. Replaced existing pneumatic damper actuators with DDC actuators.
  3. Furnished and installed DDC chilled water control valves to meet today’s energy models.

New Controls

Furnished and installed digital controls to control the City Hall plant per the mechanical scope. The design for the control system provided communication and control capabilities between the Building Automation System and all equipment. Included work in Building B for air handler, drives, temperature controls and values in the mechanical room.

New Network Device – Central Plant

Provided new DDC controller with I/O modules and tie in new and existing points as follows:

  1. Chiller CHW isolation valves
  2. Chiller CW isolation valves
  3. Chiller start/stop command
  4. Chillers compressor status
  5. Condensing water pumps start/stop command

City of Anaheim
200 S. Anaheim Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92805
Tel: 714.765.5110
Contact: Barry Bartlett

Design-Build Mechanical Contractor
Liberty Climate Control, Inc.
2447 North Chico Avenue
South El Monte, CA 91733
Tel: 626.575.3131
Contact: Christopher Gunther

Structural Engineer
ABS Consulting
300 Commerce Dr., Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92602
Tel: 714.734.4242
Contact: Daniel Dopudja

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